DNT: Den Norske Turistforening

Ski-touring in Norway?

About the DNT and their 'huts'
DNT membership

Den Norske Turistforening (DNT) has a fantastic system of 'huts' throughout Norway providing an infrastructure of accommodation for a lifetime of ski tours and summer treks…. without the need to carry all your camping gear, cooking equipment and food! They also provide great bases for climbing trips to local summits as the 'huts' are always located in good climbing areas.

The word 'huts' is a real misnomer, being the literal translation of the Norwegian 'hytte'. Any similarity to a Scottish bothy can be quickly forgotten and a rather more accurate picture would be of a mountain lodge-style hotel, with hot showers, 2, 4 or 6 bedded rooms, loads of food, drying rooms etc, all in very remote surroundings.

There are three levels of 'lodge':

fully serviced and staffed (so st like an hotel but with 'communal' sleeping).

self-service (all food, cooking needs, gas, wood for heating, chemical toilets, etc – you cook and clear up).

'lodges' without provisions (like a self-service lodge, but bring your own food).

Each of these is cheaper than the one before so you can decide your itinerary to suit your pocket and needs for greater or lesser luxury! Either way, your rucksack will be a lot lighter than it might have been! At the non-staffed huts the system is based on goodwill and trust; i.e. for the facility of the hut provided by the DNT, users are expected to treat the hut and its equipment well, to respect other users, to leave the hut as they found it and to pay via an honesty system upon departure. A system that works remarkably well! The 'huts' are open to all; with DNT membership you will get significant reductions in costs at the huts.

The staffed huts have specific opening seasons, roughly late February, March and April and then July, August and September. Depending on the popularity of the area the opening dates for specific huts can be a lot more restricted.

DNT Membership

If you are booking on to one of our hut-to-hut tours in Norway, membership of the DNT is not included in the price. You will need to apply for your membership directly with the DNT via this link. You will then need to bring your membership card with you on our tours; our tour prices assume you have membership and if you don't have a membership card you could be liable for a per night surcharge.

This membership lasts for the calendar year so you could also use it for a walking or mountaineering holiday in Norway during the summer.
NB this membership does not accrue reciprocal rights at huts in the Alpine countries.

If you are interested in DNT membership and are not booking onto one of our ski tours you can apply via this link.

DNT hut interior

Typical interior of a DNT hut, this one is Veltdalshytta in the Tafjordfjell.

Self-serviced DNT hut interior

Settling in to a self-service hut in the Dovrefjell.