Nordic Hut-to-Hut Tours: a range of Nordic or cross-country ski tours in Norway, Sweden and Finland.
Nordic Courses: for novice and intermediate Nordic skiers wishing to learn and develop skills.
Nordic in the Alps: weekends and weeks in France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic.

Nordic hut-to-hut and mountain ski touring specialists


Nordic and cross-country ski holidays, tours and courses throughout Scandinavia, Germany, the Czech Republic and the Alps; cross-country skiing and Nordic ski touring instruction and led tours.

Whether you are a seasoned Nordic skier or are new to cross-country skiing; a convert from alpine skiing or a total skiing novice; whether you want cross-country skiing on tracks and trails at our venues in France, Italy and other central European countries, or touring amongst higher mountains and remoter areas of Norway, Sweden and Finland – we have Nordic ski courses and ski tours for you.