'All Mountain' courses: in-resort Alpine/downhill instruction for all levels
'Off-piste Adventure' weeks: remoter off-piste itineraries and day tours
'Ski Touring' weeks: multi-day hut-to-hut touring

Original and exciting Alpine ski weeks and tours

Alpine, Off-Piste Skiing, Freeride, Ski Tours

Alpine skiing courses, tours and holidays; for Alpine (downhill) on-piste and off-piste instruction, ski touring and freeride skiing opportunities throughout Europe.

Suitable for all levels of Alpine skier, from those new to freeride, converts from Telemark or Nordic skiing, or seasoned downhillers. Whether your aim is to develop skills and enjoyment in Alpine skiing, or explore technique, terrain and attitude for freeride and off-piste skiing – we have the ski courses and tours to suit.

Our enjoyable and challenging courses are very much about helping people who want to ski beyond the piste markers. They're designed to help you make great progress in acquiring the knowledge and skills for tackling those untracked slopes of your dreams!