Why ski with Us?

10 great reasons to ski with The Off-piste & Telemark Ski Company!

• Passion

Skiing is what we do – work and play! It is fundamental to who we are and to what we have been doing for over 30 years. It is something that we enjoy immensely and we also have the passion to help you ski better, to gain more confidence and achieve your goals, with greater enjoyment and satisfaction.

• Knowledge

Over 30 years of building our knowledge of all forms of skiing, ski technique and skiing skills. We have been at the forefront of developing telemark skiing within the British Association of Snowsports Instructors (BASI); John Eames wrote the first BASI Telemark Manual and is a current Telemark Trainer for BASI.
   During all this time we have been active in mountaineering and involved in leading groups at high altitude and in the Greater Ranges. Our knowledge of the mountain environment, weather, snow safety and leadership in the mountains is very extensive.
   We know the mountains in the broadest sense and you can ski with us knowing that you will be amongst the best at what we do and knowing we have the knowledge and understanding to do it safely.

• Experience

We have been in business of ski teaching for 27 years! Over that time our understanding of and our ability to help you, the learner, has become very well-honed. With our teaching background we can give you the very best learning experience, finely-tuned for your needs. For the money and time you invest with us, we will give you the very best return!

• Track record of teaching success

With our years of ski teaching we believe we have proven teaching approaches that will allow you to develop your skiing quickly and successfully. There are many misconceptions and misunderstandings about skiing and, in particular, telemark skiing; we can cut through all that, streamline your learning and achieve your dreams sooner – and with a bigger smile!
   Most significantly, we are able personalise our teaching, to give you the most specific and appropriate input. This is partly through our small group sizes and no mixed-abilities policy and partly through our ability to give each individual the analysis, skills development and the encouragement that works best for them.

• Benefit of qualifications

BASI qualifications in Telemark (Level 3 ISIA – top level!), Alpine (Level 2) and Nordic (Nordic National Ski Teacher/Level 3– top level). Various other outdoor and mountain-based qualifications. These give us the confidence and training to know what we do on snow is of the highest professional levels – these qualifications give you the confidence to entrust us with your learning, development and safety on skis and in the mountains.

• Safety

Safety is paramount! Whatever we are doing it will be with a view to ensuring your safety and well-being at all times. We might need to make some difficult decisions, for example, like not going up to that peak or not skiing off-piste on that particular slope. We can always come back another time … we want you to enjoy a good challenge but not an excessive challenge!

• Fun

Safety established – now for some fun! Not only the fun of deep powder, skiing moguls, travelling across the Norwegian wilderness, skiing fast on-piste, etc but also the fun of getting better at what we do, the enjoyment of learning and the satisfaction being able to ski wherever your dreams might take you!

• Variety of venues

Some companies have a fixed base in the Alps … we move around all season, every season, giving you lots of skiing and resort variety whilst still benefitting from our input and leadership. Every week is a new and exciting experience!

• People keep coming back for more!

We seem to be doing something right … each season we have clients who come not just once but sometimes 2 or even 3 times – and occasionally 4 times in one season! From season to season 75 – 80% of our clients have been with us previously. For client comments please have a look at our Testimonials page.

• Community

Often new clients are looking for 'like-minded folk' – we have them in spades! Whether a 'single', as a 'couple' or in a group you will find others during our weeks to ski with, socialise with and connect with. Our skiers regularly check with each other to see who is doing what, when and where – with us.